1. What are Pennsylvania's state symbols?

Visit the website below. Look at the different symbols that represent Pennsylvania. Record the state colors, state animal, state tree, and state nickname on your 6-block organizer. Circle Pennsylvania's flag and choose one of Pennsylvania's symbols on your own to research and record information about in the last block of the organizer.

2. How do the landforms found in PA affect the activities that people do in PA?

Print this data sheet and complete the activity below to learn about landforms.

Now click on the links below to view two different maps of PA. Circle the landforms on your data sheet that can be found in Pennsylvania.

PA Landform Map

PA Relief Map

Finally, write a paragraph telling about at least two activities that you can do in Pennsylvania because of the landforms it has.

3.Pennsylvania's Natural Resources

Find out more about Pennsylvania's Natural Resources here!

4. How does Pennsylvania compare in size to other states?

State Population-http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0004986.html-compare the size of Pennsylvania's population to the other states.
Pennsylvania City Population- http://www.citypopulation.de/USA-Pennsylvania.html - compare the size of three Pennsylvania cities, Hanover, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg.