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Lesson 1: How was Pennsylvania founded?

1. What do you already know about the founding of Pennsylvania? Click here to go to the Wall Wisher to add something you already know and something you are hoping to learn!

2. Watch the video about Pennsylvania's founder below. Record the answer to the first two questions on your notes sheet. If you need a new notes sheet you can download one here .

3. Read pgs. 80-83 in the Our Pennsylvania text book. Record important dates and events in the founding of Pennsylvania on your notes page. Watch the videos below for even more information about the founding of Pennsylvania and record more information if you need.

4.Work with a partner to create a timeline of the founding of Pennsylvania on

Check the rubric for what you need to include.

Paste a link to your Preceden timeline on My Big Campus in the social studies group.

Lesson 2: What made Ben Franklin an important PA citizen?

Read about Ben Franklin's life. Then complete a Frayer showing how Ben Franklin contributed to society as an Inventor, a Community Helper, and a Statesman.

Ben's Guide: Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin Biography
Liberty Kids: Ben Franklin

Lesson 3: What role did Pennsylvania and its citizens play in the formation of our country?

1. Read pages 112-115 in your Pennsylvania textbook or watch the following video. Complete numbers 1-3 on the notes page while you watch or read.

2. Read pages 118-121 in your Pennsylvania textbook. Complete numbers 4-6 on the notes page while you read. Watch the video below for a visual description of life at Valley Forge.

3.Watch the video below or read pages 128-131 in your Pennsylvania textbook. Complete numbers 7-9 on the notes page while you watch or read.